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為了減少新冠病毒的傳播,並保護我們的病人和工作人員,我們的診所會先通過電話或視像通話看診,為您的健康憂慮提供初步評估。請訪問 Here 獲得即時的個性化醫療和新冠病毒的相關建議。

請在安排的預約時間及時接聽,不要屏蔽醫生的電話。 在您的電話評估後,醫生會決定您是否有必要親自到我們的診所看診。



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5 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Marriage Strong and Healthy!

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5 Great Tips on How to Keep Your Marriage Strong and Healthy!

A pair of hands tending to a garden.

Is your marriage what you expected it to be? Maybe you’ve found yourselves getting into more fights. Perhaps you feel like the spark simply isn’t there anymore. If this resonates with you, do not worry. It does not mean your marriage is a lost cause. 

Some say that marriage is like a garden. It is a commitment – you need to take the time to plant the seeds and water the plants. Like a garden, a lot of work is required to make a healthy marriage. Here, we will share some simple tips to help you build and maintain a strong and fulfilling marriage.

1. Know you and your partner’s love languages

The five love languages describe the different ways people prefer to give and receive love. Figuring out you and your partner’s love languages can help you better understand each other and prevent misunderstandings. If you do not know your love language, take this quiz by Gary Chapman, Ph.D, author of the 5 Love Languages Book to find out.

2. Express yourself openly and honestly

Open and honest communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. Regularly express your needs, feelings, and concerns to your partner, and encourage them to do the same. Practice active listening and strive to understand each other. Good communication skills will strengthen your connections together. Sometimes, it is helpful to get professional guidance if you feel like you cannot be open and honest or you sense your partner having these issues.

A couple having a discussion while sitting on a sofa.

3. Set goals together

Create a shared vision for your future as a couple. Discuss your goals, such as starting a family, settling down, or career aspirations. By planning together, you will feel more united as a team and have a clear direction to work towards.

4. Find healthy ways to deal with conflict

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship. Learn healthy ways to resolve conflicts by practicing compromise and active listening. Discover effective strategies to handle disagreements without resorting to arguments. Remember, resolving conflicts together strengthens your bond.

A couple holding hands while speaking with a couples counsellor.

5. Consider couples counseling

If you find these tips overwhelming or want additional support, you may consider seeking  couples counseling. Professional guidance can help you build a strong foundation for your marriage and address any possible concerns. Asking for help is a great proactive step towards ensuring a lasting relationship. At Grace Health Centre, we offer couples counseling, as well as couple relationship education and enhancement programs.  

Taking preventive care of your marriage is essential for its long-term success. By understanding your love languages, practicing effective communication,  setting goals, mastering conflict resolution, and seeking professional support when needed, you can create a strong and fulfilling marital bond. Remember, investing time and effort in your relationship will lead to a lifetime of happiness together.