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為了減少新冠病毒的傳播,並保護我們的病人和工作人員,我們的診所會先通過電話或視像通話看診,為您的健康憂慮提供初步評估。請訪問 Here 獲得即時的個性化醫療和新冠病毒的相關建議。

請在安排的預約時間及時接聽,不要屏蔽醫生的電話。 在您的電話評估後,醫生會決定您是否有必要親自到我們的診所看診。



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Online Appointment Booking

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Family medicine patients of Dr. Yi Min (Susana) Huang, Dr. Man-Hon Chu and Dr. Fung Lan Chow  may book their appointments through our online booking portal. You will be able to book in-person and phone appointments electronically, by choosing a date and time and receiving an automated appointment confirmation, all in a self-serve environment. If you would like to speak to one of our staff instead, please call our office during regular clinic opening hours (416-633-7337). If you are a patient of Dr. Tat-Kwan Wong, please call our office to book an appointment. 

Steps to Booking your Appointment Online:

Steps for Cancelling your Appointment (Booked Online):


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are experiencing an urgent medical concern, please call our office (416-633-7337) to inquire about booking a same-day appointment.

Please note that the online booking system is only for patients that are currently registered with our clinic. If you are not a patient, you will not be able to access our online booking system. Please see the next FAQ. If you are a patient with our clinic and are still having issues, please call our office (416-633-7337) to ensure that your personal information matches what we have on file.

Only patients that are registered with our clinic can access the online booking system. If you are a new patient, please review and complete our new patient intake form to book your first meet and greet with a doctor. If you are a new patient and you have already had your first session, please select ‘2nd visit’ as the appointment type on the online booking portal to book your second visit (a complete physical exam).

You must book each appointment individually for each family member. If you are a designated caregiver and would like to schedule appointments for family members, you can re-access the booking link to create separate appointments by filling out each patient’s information. Multiple appointments cannot be booked on the same day for one patient.

Patients are able to book the following appointments:

  • Pap Smears (every 3 years)
  • Yearly physical check-ups
  • Counseling Sessions (Dr. Chu Only)
  • General Phone or In-Person Appointments.

When booking your appointment, you will be asked to briefly describe the reason for your visit.

If you have an urgent medical concern, please call our office (416-633-7337) to inquire about same-day service

In most cases, if you need to renew an already existing prescription you may not need to book an appointment with the doctor. Go to your pharmacist, and ask to fill out a prescription renewal request form. Once completed, this request should be approved by your doctor in 1-2 business days and you will be able to pick up your drug supply at the pharmacy. For urgent refills, your pharmacist will be able to supply an emergency short-term supply without doctor authorization.

When booking a phone appointment, you will be asked to provide your preferred phone number. The doctor will give you a call any time of the day, regardless of the time selected. The doctor’s number may be an Unknown caller ID, please do pick up the phone during the day that was scheduled so you do not miss your appointment. The online booking system will not allow you to book phone appointments for tests that require you to be in person (e.g., pap smears, physicals, vaccinations, etc.).

Our online booking system limits patients to book 1 appointment per day, and appointments can be booked up to 100 days in advance.

If you input an email for your appointment confirmation, you will be able reschedule or cancel your appointment online within the email received. If you did not list an email, you may call our office (416-633-7337) to cancel or reschedule an appointment. While the system allows you to reschedule at any time, our clinic policy is that charges may apply for cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled time so to respect the doctor’s time and other patient’s access to their doctor.

You may reschedule through our online booking appointment platform if your appointment is more than 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment.