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為了減少新冠病毒的傳播,並保護我們的病人和工作人員,我們的診所會先通過電話或視像通話看診,為您的健康憂慮提供初步評估。請訪問 Here 獲得即時的個性化醫療和新冠病毒的相關建議。

請在安排的預約時間及時接聽,不要屏蔽醫生的電話。 在您的電話評估後,醫生會決定您是否有必要親自到我們的診所看診。



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At Grace Health Centre, our supervisors are experts in the field of counselling and are passionate to teach and offer real-life individual, couples, family counselling opportunities for the next generations of therapists. 
Join our internship team or request for supervision today.

It is such a great opportunity to be able to do my internship at Grace Health Center. I find the resources like videotapes, books, journals extremely helpful.

“I received excellent supervision from Dr. Wong. I benefited immensely from the pre-session, inter-session and post-session discussion during live supervision. I really enjoyed the diversity of clients from different life stages and cultures.”

 The staff and environment were also warm and friendly. My supervisor was very responsive to my needs.

Submitted by Third-year student from Tyndale Counselling Master’s of Divinity Program


“My supervisor’s comments and feedback were fair and encouraging.”

I fully agree with the areas of development my supervisor identified and will dedicate myself to work on these. I appreciate my supervisor’s effort and time in empowering me in counselling. I consider it a privilege to be able to learn in this setting.

Submitted by Third-year student from Tyndale Counselling Master’s of Divinity Program


My supervisor was an excellent mentor and model for me.  I was impressed with my supervisor’s knowledge and use of the bible in the co-therapy setting and during observation.  I experienced how having clear goals and keeping the client’s informed of the interventions and therapeutic plans fostered hope and comfort.  I have learned far more in my internship than in seminary.  I really needed this practical training.  I thank God for giving me such a opportunity in preparing myself for future counselling practice here.  This clinic is unique in many ways and there are so many different sorts of cases from which I can benefit from.  I appreciate the supervision that I received.  My supervisor spends time to discuss the case and to provide practical guidance before and after each session.  Under my supervisor’s guidance and direction, I have gained not only practical counselling skills and knowledge, but also self-confidence in preparing for each counselling session and formulating a therapeutic plan. 

I don’t know how much I have to thank my supervisor for having me as an intern at this clinic.  During the last eight months, I have not only had the opportunity of practicing counselling in a safe environment under a professional supervisor, but practical opportunity in integrating what I have learned academically at Tyndale.  I realize that knowing theories only does not help me see clients face to face.  Actual practice in counselling is the only way to enhance what I have learned at school.  It also gives me confidence and improves my counselling skills.  

“I notice that without these eight months of internship under a professional, I would not have come so far in counselling.  This internship has not only confirmed my calling to minister to needy clients, but also to Chinese churches in Toronto. Thank you for being not only my counselling supervisor, but my spiritual mentor as well.”

Submitted by Pastor’s wife, third year student from Tyndale Counselling Master’s of Divinity Program


I benefited from the learning process within the security of the supervisory relationship.  I want to grow as a person and as a counsellor in the process.  I learned to develop and implement treatment plans.  I started and will continue to develop helpful frameworks for approaching different presenting problems.  

“I benefited from the reflections that I did with my supervisor and will continue to process these issues personally.  This is an ideal environment to process my reflections and for personal growth.”

I have been encouraged and blessed.

Submitted by Third year student from Tyndale Counselling Master’s of Divinity Program


I have enjoyed with trepidation my internship and ability to join with my clients.  I appreciate my supervisor’s insights, professionalism and the trust that he has extended to me.  I am pleased and encouraged with my favorable progress and feedback from my supervisor.  

“I intend to continue to learn to use directives effectively, plan sessions, stay on focus, structure sessions, self reflect, and self disclose appropriately.  I see a real need to spend more time reflecting on my personal and professional lives.”  

I want to restructure my schedule so that I have time to deal with the issues that have arisen in the therapeutic setting that have paralleled and mirrored my own personal issues.  I recognize that this is essential to my professional and personal development.

Submitted by Third year student from Tyndale Counselling Master’s of Divinity Program


I have learned a lot of useful practical tools in counselling individuals, couples and families that I can use when I am in practice.  

“I have also gained confidence in helping individuals, couples and families with psychosocial issues.”

Submitted by Second year family medicine resident, University of Toronto


I took the Counselling Skills course in the fall of 1998.  It was an excellent introduction to counselling with good supervision during the practicum sessions.  These sessions also provided an opportunity to put the skills learned at the didactic sessions into practice.  

“The patients seen during the practicum sessions were varied.  It was possible to see the positive effects of counselling on these patients.”

The supervisors were excellent and provided good feedback.  The skills learned during this course are invaluable assets to any family physician.  I firmly believe that this course should be offered to all family medicine residents.

Submitted by Second year family medicine resident, St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto

“In the modern practice of family medicine, there has been a paradigm shift from treating individual organ systems and their diseases towards caring for the gestalt of a patient’s well-being.  This biopsychosocial model of care is now being embraced by leaders in family medicine, and indeed universally by all healthcare professionals.”

To this end, the Department of Family and Community Medicine has performed a great service to its residents and students by providing an excellent educational program in psychosocial medicine, counselling and family therapy.  From first-hand experience, I can attest to their superb multidisciplinary faculty and facilitators, right mix of theory and hands-on practice, as well as high quality participants, each bringing diverse life experiences to the course.

Submitted by Former Volunteer


In 2017, I had 2 medical school interviews. I distinctly remember the most unnerving pacing my head during both instances was “is this really what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?” As undergraduates, students, humans- so often are we thrown into a channeled stream with an unclear destination. 

“In my time at Grace Health Centre (GHC), I’ve come to experience and appreciate the delivery of Family medicine. Not only have I come to embrace the many difficulties and challenges one must face in becoming a doctor, I’ve come to acknowledge that the goal at the end of medicine is an extremely rewarding one.”

GHC places its volunteers at the forefront of interacting with patients- we call them, do their vitals and talk to them about different vaccine options. No other volunteering experience I’ve come across rewards such liberties, privileges and trust in their volunteers as does Dr. TK and his staff. I am highly grateful for being a part of their clinic and will undoubtedly fall back on the patient interaction and experiences I’ve gained at GHC throughout my MD at UBC.

Submitted by Second year family medicine resident, University of Toronto at the Harvard School of Public Health, Department of Health Policy and Management